LLB, TEP, GSP, Partner
Jeff Kenny
Jeff has practised law for over 30 years. Over that time he has specialised in a number of areas including commercial property law (particularly retail property development and leasing), company structuring, partnership structuring, joint ventures, group financing, trust structuring, and trust disputes. Jeff is the leader of the firm's Commercial Property & Projects team. 

He has a particular interest in insurance issues, leasing issues, Building Act issues, land acquisition issues and joint venture issues.

"In my approach to working with clients, I think three key things are important. Understanding what the client needs, good communication, and keeping things simple."
Wynn Williams (Christchurch)
Level 5, Wynn Williams House,
47 Hereford Street,
Christchurch 8013,
New Zealand.


Recent Projects

  • Land acquisition, financing, development, and leasing of shopping centres.
  • The application of securities legislation on property development proposals.
  • Group structuring for companies.
  • Joint ventures for the development and holding of a high value commercial property.

Recent Articles


Updated Auckland District Lease Form

The Canterbury Earthquakes have been a major catalyst for the revision of the widely used ADLS Lease form. 

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Building Repair and the Building Act 2004

An insurer, under usual replacement insurance policy terms, has to reinstate a building. Typically the insurer will, as part of this, have to comply with building requirements applying at the time of reinstatement.

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Lease break clauses

The hurdle is very high for showing a lease has been frustrated, so almost all leases contain a break clause. At least in theory a break clause is more workable than the law of frustration as the break terms can be spelt out.

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Quakes Prompt Rethink of Leases

The earthquakes have shown up weaknesses in commercial leases used across New Zealand.

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New York skyscraper provides pointers for rebuilding

Recently I visited one of the world's greenest buildings. My colleague, Jared Ormsby, and I recently visited one of the world's greenest skyscrapers, One Bryant Park in New York.

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Lending to Trusts

New Zealand has a large number of family trusts per capita. Lending to trustees and taking guarantees and securities from trustees is becoming very common. Unfortunately, a trust can mean big problems for lenders wishing to enforce their rights. To see why this is we'll look at how trusts work and then look at how this impacts on unsecured lenders and secured lenders.

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The Rule Against Perpetuities

Download the pdf of this presentation prepared...

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Powers of Appointment and Powers of Advancement

Trustee Powers - Background When a settlor gives a trustee an asset to hold on trust for a beneficiary, the starting point is that the trustee must hold that asset and keep it for the beneficiary. A trust in those bald terms is fairly unusual in the family trust situation but the point is that if a trustee is to legally deal with the asset or change the terms on which it is held the trustee must somehow be authorised to do so.

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Relationship Property Settlements Involving Trusts

Introduction New Zealand has a very large number of "domestic" trusts . Putting into trusts things like "family homes", holiday homes, business shares, and investments which would otherwise be Relationship Property is very common. Unfortunately, a trust can mean problems for a party wanting to enforce their rights after a relationship break down. To see why this is we'll look at some key trust concepts and then look at some of the problems. Then we'll move on to talk about some specific points on doing a settlement deal involving a trust.

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Asset Planning for Farmers

Asset planning is arranging a person’s assets and affairs to protect the person, their assets, and their family against risks, and also keep their assets and affairs in an advantageous way. Some people and their families are more exposed to certain risks than others. Jeff Kenny, a Partner with Wynn Williams, explains how these risks can arise due to occupation, age, health, financial position, and family circumstances.

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  • Institute of Directors
  • NZLS Property Law Section Trusts and Wills Technical Committee
  • Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP)
  • Green Star Practitioner (GSP)
  • New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants Trusts Special Interest Group
  • New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants Insolvency Special Interest Group
  • Past Member CDLS Property Law Committee
  • Past Convenor CDLS Banking Law Sub-committee
  • Past member Society for Computers and the law
  • Past Member New Zealand Computer Society

Speaking Engagements

  • Presenter at New Zealand Law Society Trust Conference 1999, 2011, 2013 and 2015.
  • Presenter ADLSI Cradle to Grave Conference 2013 and 2014
  • Presenter New Zealand Law Society Legal Executives Conference 2013
  • Presenter NZICA Trust Conference 2014
  • Presenter NZICA Trusts Special Interests Group 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013


  • Contributing Author New Zealand Conveyancing Law and Practice published by CCH New Zealand
  • Contributing Author Equity and Trusts in New Zealand, Butler (ed), Thomson Reuters 2009

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