LLB (Hons), Associate
Shane Campbell
Shane is an associate in our national Dispute Resolution Team where he works for Jared Ormsby.

Shane previously worked as a Judges' Clerk for the High Court. He has a first class honours degree in law from the University of Canterbury and has tutored land law and criminal law and procedure.
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Recent Articles


"No Oral Variation" clauses and their enforceability: the current legal landscape in New Zealand and England

Is it possible to agree in writing that you will not alter that agreement other than by writing? It is common for commercial contracts to have a clause proscribing oral variations (or variations by conduct), or at least attempting to do so. It is also increasingly common for parties to enter into dispute about the efficacy of oral variations notwithstanding the presence of such clauses. The question for practitioners is whether such clauses are enforceable.

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Supreme Court clarifies when litigation funding amounts to an abuse of process

The cost of access to the courts is commonly seen as one of, if not the most, significant barriers to access justice. This is true even for corporates. The decision in PriceWaterhouseCoopers v Walker was concerned with the validity of a litigation funding agreement between a company called SPF No. 10 Limited, the liquidators of Property Ventures Limited and related companies, Messrs Robert Walker and John Marshall.

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Court of Appeal revisits the lawyer-litigant exception in costs

On 14 June 2017 the Court of Appeal held that the lawyer-litigant exception is not justifiable under the specific costs rules now in place. This article summarises the rationale of the decision.

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Fluoridation of water in New Zealand – have your say

On the 17 November 2016, the Health (Fluoridation of Drinking Water) Amendment Bill (Bill) was introduced into Parliament; its aim being to amend the Health Act 1956 (Act) to enable District Health Boards (DHBs) to make decisions and give directions about the fluoridation of government drinking water supplies in their areas.

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The importance of complying with court orders

When a court makes an order, the party or parties against whom those orders are made may well query what will happen if they do not comply with those orders. The recent decision of Palmer J in Zhang v King David Investments Ltd (in Liq) [2016] NZHC 3018 provides an example of the adverse consequences which can occur.

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High Court reaffirms New Zealand's stance on suing for personal injury

In McGougan and Dingle v Depuy International Limited [2016] NZHC 2511 the High Court was required to determine the scope of the bar against claims for personal injury in s 317(1) of the Accident Compensation Act 2001 (ACA). The particular question for consideration was whether a person could bring a claim for compensatory damages (i.e. sue for damages flowing from personal injury) in New Zealand, where they have cover under the ACA, but where the conduct giving rise to the claims occurred outside of New Zealand.

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Exclusion of improperly obtained evidence in civil proceedings

On 26 October 2016, the Supreme Court released its decision in Marwood v Commissioner of Police [2016] NZSC 139. This decision required the Court to determine whether New Zealand courts have jurisdiction to exclude improperly obtained evidence in civil proceedings and, if so, whether the jurisdiction should be exercised on the facts of the case before it.

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  • Fetters upon the Exercise of Contractual Discretion [2017] New Zealand Law Journal 141
  • Case Review: Real Finance Ltd v Setefano [2017] New Zealand Law Journal 38
  • Into the River of Censorship? [2016] New Zealand Law Journal 75
  • Procedural Non-compliance and Want of Prosecution in Criminal Appeals [2015] New Zealand Law Journal 349
  • Reviewing Costs in Public Interest Litigation [2015] New Zealand Law Journal 246
  • Habeas Corpus and Some Procedural Bumps in the Road [2015] New Zealand Law Journal 197
  • Discharge Without Conviction for First Time Young Offenders [2014] New Zealand Law Journal 430
  • The Rise and Evolution of the McKenzie Friend [2014] New Zealand Law Journal 326
  • Title to Life: Time for Reform? (2013) 32(4) Medicine and Law 503

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