We whole-heartedly believe in social responsibility, and are committed to doing our bit to level the playing field through strategic community and business partnerships and charitable donations. Here are some of the key partnerships, longstanding and new, which we hold dear.

Breakfast Club Kids

In 2022 we began our partnership with Breakfast Club Kids - a social enterprise working with low decile schools in Tāmaki Makaurau to help remove obstacles to learning caused by poverty, hunger and a lack of resources. The work they do is incredible and the success stories are equally as incredible. We are delighted to be working with Breakfast Club Kids to support better futures for the most vulnerable tamariki and rangatahi in Aotearoa.

CSO In the Community Ki te Hapori

We are delighted to announce our inaugural partnership with the CSO in support of the Wellbeing Hauora musical therapy outreach programme for 2023/2024. By engaging in listening, learning, and active participation, CSO musicians provide a vital avenue towards cultivating a stronger sense of self-identity and personal well-being.

The CSO In the Community Ki te Hapori initiative extends its outreach to individuals with a diverse spectrum of needs, ranging from social to health-related concerns. This inclusive programme touches those living with a broad range of needs, from social to health, including students in special education units, people living with dementia, children of prisoners and Brain Tree Trust.

Keystone Trust

We are honoured to be a principal sponsor of the Keystone Trust annual Rugby Lunch. The Trust plays a pivotal role in opening up pathways into the property industry for talented young kiwis, whose personal circumstances would otherwise make it difficult. The Trust keeps a world of possibility open, and we are committed to doing our small part to ensure these students have every opportunity to reach their potential.

Christchurch Foundation

We have recently partnered with The Christchurch Foundation, an organisation committed to the wellbeing of this great city. As part of this partnership, we are proud to be a founding member of the Better City Business Club and a sponsor of the inaugural Kahakura Dinner 2022 supporting diversity and inclusion.

Heart Kids

We have partnered with Heart Kids since 2013 - and for good reason. Each week, 12 babies in Aotearoa are born with a congenital heart condition, while others are diagnosed with a condition following an illness. Tragically, there is no cure for a heart condition - once a Heart Kid, always a Heart Kid. Over 600 major heart surgeries are performed on children and babies every year and many of these tamariki will face multiple surgeries and ongoing treatment. We want to help these children and their whānau get the support they need to live life to the full.