BA, LLB, Associate
Pip Allan
Pip joined Wynn Williams in 2013 after spending two years in a litigation role at a Wellington law firm.  She became an Associate in May 2016.
Working primarily for insurer clients, and a number of referred private homeowners, Pip's strengths are her grasp of strategy and the detailed approach she takes to claim presentation in negotiating settlement of Canterbury earthquake claims and when advising on commercial and domestic property claims investigation, coverage, and decision making.  Pip works primarily alongside Richard Johnstone, Emily Walton and Richard Hern.
Pip is a founding member of the Wynn Williams sports law interest group, and enjoys advising players and sports organisations on governance structures, legislation and contractual requirements.
Pip is an experienced netball coach, and is a member of the Christchurch Girls' High School Netball Committee.  She is also a member of the Australia and New Zealand Sports Law Association.

"Working in the Wynn Williams National Dispute Resolution Team is fast-paced, with every day delivering a new challenge.  I enjoy interacting with clients, and providing them with practical and timely advice."
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Recent Articles


The dry side of the paddle. The importance of understanding selection policies

A recent selection dispute which made its way to the New Zealand Sports Tribunal has highlighted the need for sports bodies, athletes, and the members of sports bodies to pay careful attention to selection criteria and procedures within their operative rules.

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Hitting Match Fixing for 6

In recent years, match-fixing has reared its ugly head as very real threat to sport globally.Cricket, unfortunately, has borne the brunt of a lot of recent media attention over match-fixing and it is timely that, with the Cricket World Cup 2015 ("CWC 2015") recently ending, we acknowledge recent measures taken to reduce the threat of match-fixing in New Zealand.

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MEMA returns to the 'crease'

The Cricket World Cup is now upon us! This is the first in a series of 3 articles which teases out a number of topical legal issues which impact on the Cricket World Cup. With the Cricket World Cup 2015 now underway, and the FIFA Under 20 Football World Cup looming on the horizon, 2015 is shaping up to be a big year for New Zealand hosting large, international sporting events.

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Don't leave things to chance - Reform of Incorporated Societies Act 1908: Issues for Sports Organisations - Part 3

It is very common for disputes to arise between members of societies. It is also quite common for a society's rules to be inadequate to properly deal with those disputes. This creates uncertainty as to how the dispute can be properly resolved both from the society and a member's point of view. The consequence is numerous complaints by members that they haven't been treated fairly or been properly heard.

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Greater Responsibility for Officers - Reform of Incorporated Societies Act 1908: Issues for Sports Organisations - Part 2

The governance of a society is the running of a society. Until now, the legislation was silent on a society's governance, specifically the duties and obligations owed by officers to societies. This is set to change. It is likely that officer's duties in the reformed legislation will be specified and will be similar to company director's duties under the Companies Act.

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Why incorporate and what are the changes - Reform of Incorporated Societies Act 1908: Issues for Sports Organisations - Part 1

The vast majority of local, regional and national sports organisations are set up as incorporated societies under the current Incorporated Societies Act 1908 (the "Act"). The Law Commission proposed reforms for this uncomfortably old piece of legislation which were tabled in Parliament on 21 August 2013. On 28 February 2014, the Government accepted almost all of the recommendations in the Law Commission's report. The recommendations will provide a very strong foundation for the Government to progress much needed reform of the Act and are unlikely to provoke any political controversy. The new legislation should come into force soon. Whilst it may create little political controversy, it will be very important for sporting organisations (and societies generally) to understand the reform as it will very likely have an impact on their rules, governance and administration matters. Over the next three articles, we look at what the proposed reform holds in store. Firstly, we discuss generally the benefits of benefits of incorporation and the proposed reform. Secondly, we look at more detail into how the changes will affect the governance of societies, new annual obligations that societies will need to meet, and addressing conflicts of interest. Thirdly and finally, we look at the features of the proposed reform on procedures for dispute resolution, the distribution of societies' assets on termination and provide an overall wash-up as to the need for societies to review their rules to see how they fit with the proposed reform.

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Does Tower really hold all of the cards? Apparently not

The concerns we raised in our article "Does Tower really hold all of the cards?" have been confirmed in the Court of Appeal's decision, with Tower clearly not holding all of the cards when it comes to choosing the basis for, and measure of, settlement under their Provider House (Maxi Protection) Policy. Skyward Aviation 2008 Ltd v Tower Insurance Limited [2014] NZCA 76

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  • Canterbury Young Professionals


  • "Match-fixing: coming to a stadium near you" Hamish McIntosh and Pip Allan, NZ Lawyer, 12 July 2013, Issue 212.

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